Advantages of Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic simply refers to the technology of compressed gases instead of liquids to produce mechanical motion. The pneumatic technology has very many benefits and that why this technology is getting popular. If you have used pneumatic tools before then you have experienced the benefits they have to offer. However, if you have not yet used this technology, you are probably wondering what it can do for. As said above pneumatic systems have very many benefits to offer as we are going to see in this article.

What are some benefits of Pneumatic Systems?

1. They are Safe.

Pneumatics tools are very safe to use. They only use compressed gases and therefore don’t expose you to anything toxic. Various hydraulic fluids and some lubricants are potentially harmful but the pneumatic tool does not make use of these compounds. Other than that, they also don’t pose a threat of electrical shock because there is no current flowing through anything other than the compressor itself. Likewise, the air is not flammable therefore leakages won’t have any negative effects on the surroundings.

2. Source Availability.

As already said above, pneumatic systems make use of compressed air. Since air is available freely and in abundant you will not have to pay anything other than the cost of running your compressor’s motor.

3. Cleaning Is Easy.

Another benefit of pneumatic systems is the ease of cleaning. The air under pressure will force any dirt of the pneumatic system and hence you will not have any blockages. In case of any blockage, it will be easy for you to clear it easily. This is because the pneumatic technology is in a way simple from an engineering perspective.

4. Cost.

You will not need to break the bank to get started with pneumatic gear and this means low start-up cost. This can benefit small companies who don’t have a lot to invest.

5. Low Maintenance.

Once you have your pneumatic system in place, you will realize that you don’t have to do a lot of maintenance. You just have to ensure that the moving parts are well lubricated and all will be well. In case there is an issue, you won’t take long to troubleshoot.

6. Quiet Operation.

Another benefit of pneumatic systems is that they don’t produce too much noise. The noise produced by air compressors and some moving parts when running is not enough to irritate your ears. This is very healthy for your ears.

7. Power-to-Weight Ratio.

The pneumatic system generates more power in lighter and smaller packages, unlike other technologies. Moving around with compressors and your devices won’t be difficult since they are very light.

8. Work Even When There is Power Outages.

With pneumatic tools, you can keep working even when there is power failure(momentary). Despite the fact that the air compressor uses electricity to run, there is a gas cylinder where pressurized gas is stored. This will enable your tools to keep functioning even when there momentary power failures

The above are some of the benefits you will enjoy when using pneumatic tools in your company. Having gone through the above, you now know why you should be using pneumatic technology instead of other technologies.